Kalle Vainio - Finnish composer




Who, what, when and why?


Kalle Vainio (b.1986) is a contemporary composer, film composer and producer who has graduated from the Sibelius Academy with Master of music degree in 2012. Vainio is deeply interested in using extended playing techniques and instrument preparations as well as different analog equipments. Vainio has performed his music in many festivals and concert halls across the world. To name a few: Flow Festival Helsinki, Lux Helsinki, Classical:NEXT, Tallinn Music Week, Time of Music, Musica Nova etc. He is also very active films music composer and sound designer.

"I'm constantly exploring music; frequencies, acoustics and spatial phenomenas. Finding interesting sound qualities and timbers in acoustic instruments gives me energy to create something new. Simplicity and minimalism are very intreguing starting points for me -  it's like zooming into something very simple and then finding something truly complex and yet again something very simple."


Project Vainiolla:
the solo project

Project Vainiolla Ensemble:
the group for free improvisation and deep discoveries

Vainiolla Sounds:
film music and TV productions


Latest works 2020:


Helsinki Soi: Project Vainiolla -  Variations

Film music productions
Murhan DNA TV-series (Tommi Hakko), YLE

Sound design
Elevator music for (Kone company's) design elevator for Näsinneula, Tampere



You can find all my important works from the archive page! Take a look.